Pentecostal Church Stones of Law

The church that will live in heaven

It all started with the living seed of the word of God, which fell on good soil, in the heart of a woman who learned to be intimate with her beloved King Jesus.

Pastor Ana de Moraes Cardoso, when she accepted Jesus as her Savior on January 15, 1974. She received the ministerial call inside a Baptist temple and at her baptism she had a vision that would be the turning point in her Christian journey, not only baptized in the waters but also in the fire of the Holy Spirit. With conviction she left the world of Catholicism and mysticism, in obedient faith she began to walk the narrow path of intimacy with God.

Proven in several areas with the removal of the family that rejected her because of the gospel, the opposition of the husband who also did not accept the believers, but none of these circumstances caused her to break the covenant she had made with the lamb.

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His tears were shed at the foot of the cross with his knees on the ground, but when he got up he received the joy of the Lord who had always been his strength. Even living difficult times in the financial area, in all her afflictions, she saw deliverance and providence, living entirely surrendered to the gospel serving everyone, she advanced in the process of liberating the whole family.

He experienced deliverances and very strong experiences with the supernatural world, cures and miracles. That house at Rua Canner 72, Vila Pirituba, SĂŁo Paulo. It was no longer a simple house, it was already a house of prayer; upon her rested a cloud of miracles. The oppressed, the sick, those who suffered knew where they could find shelter, physical and spiritual food. There the church was born! A work that was not done alone.

Stones of the Law Church, is a school church of prophets, a maternity hospital where it was generated and gave birth to many pastors, missionaries, evangelists and workers. A school of worshipers who love to give to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity, glory and praise.

Church Stones of the law, welcoming and helpful. There were many missionary stories of rescuing people from drugs, prostitution, witchcraft, the streets and who today live a completely restored life.

This is the church that prays until it prays, that knows what vigils, campaigns, fasts and consecrations are all about. The difference in this ministry is the special call to the female ministry, as Jesus himself inaugurated the female ministry at the well of Jaco with the unlikely Samaritan woman, so it was with this church, to value women in a world so sexist and prejudiced. Women who had no value, were raised as great missionaries who are dedicated to the Lord's work with a wonderful work, shed all their perfume, expressing their love. Perhaps this is exactly the legacy that the Matriarch of this beautiful church left. After all, an expensive perfume was spilled, but her expression of love to her beloved bridegroom, our King Jesus, made this church to this day remain firm in the winds and storms that do not despise the faithful and worthy work of male workers and pastors. Men who have a humble heart and see women's ministry with the same eyes as Jesus.

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igreja-tabuas-da-lei-sobre-nos 1

Church Stones of Law, surviving so many broken alliances, so much ingratitude, so many that instead of adding, it subtracted.y often took away dreams, people, families. But the door that God opens, man cannot close

Church Stones of Law, registered in the notary for 35 years, but inaugurated in heaven almost 5 decades ago!

Its doors are open to everyone without ascension. Parents are already in glory. Today, children and children's children will continue this great work until the return of our beloved Savior, inside and outside Brazil. Speaking other languages, reaching other nations. Our eternal gratitude to the kind God for his infinite mercy Which is without end.

We can say:


Our recognition to the Cardoso family, lives that have left an impact on the lives of others:

Adorador - Walter Never Cardoso (a voice that is not forgotten with his praises – one of them: "one thing I know in my life…".)
Pra - Ana de Moraes Cardoso (so recent, God came to get his daughter)

Pra. Walderes Cardoso
Miss. Adoradora – Wilma Cardoso
Presb. adorador – Walter Cardoso
Pra. Waldirene Cardoso
Pra. Waldenice Cardoso

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stones of law pastors

Leading is influencing.

Today the pastoral family and presidents of the work in the United States / Florida / Boca Raton
Pr. Josué Sampaio
Pra. Waldirene Sampaio

Together with their children:
Pr. Elias sampaio
Mis. of Worship Ann Sampaio
Worshiper Amanda Sampaio

Along with the most excellent team of pastors and workers united for the Kingdom:
Prs. Gilmar and Rosileia Rodrigues
Presb. Danilo and Pra Flávia Oliveira
Evangelists Armond and Janaina Scipicione
Prs. Nilton and Simone Silva

And every diaconal team and workers which has moved mightily through the power of our God

We owe Him all Honor, Glory and Praise!



House of Healing

Leaded by Pra. Waldirene Sampaio

This ministry is about a place where anyone in need can find not only shelter and help but also healing and restoration for their soul in the name of Jesus Christ for the glory of God.

Queen's Anointing

Leaded by Pra. Waldirene Sampaio

This ministry aims to bring women to the full knowledge of who they are in the Kingdom of God, helping each one of them to understand their true identity in Christ.

Youth Group

Leaded by Pastor Elias Sampaio e Mis. de louvor Ann Sampaio

The youth ministry aims to bring young people to the center of God's will, teaching the value of the Presence and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit so that this generation can make a difference.

Intercession Ministry

Leaded by Deaconess Lucia

This ministry is made up of women prayer warriors, where they cry out and intercede for all families, not only in our church, but for all those who need help in prayer.

Biblical Discipleship

Leaded by Deaconess Walkileine Thoze

Who is God? Who is Jesus? What is sin? Why do I need to be saved and from what? Simple questions like these have gone unanswered or wrongly answered. This ministry aims to remedy these doubts. From these questions and answers a wonderful path can emerge for you.

Couples Ministry

Leaded by Presbítero Danilo e Pra. Ana Flávia

This ministry has done individual and group counseling, bringing the couple closer to God and thus closer to each other, being like a 3-ply cord that does not break easily, with God as the center of marriage and family.

Men’s Ministry

Leaded by Pr. Nilton de Souza e Deacon Lino Silveira

This ministry is made up of men of faith who seek wisdom and guidance from God on how to be an honorable priest in their homes, their ministry and in their church.

Kids Ministry

Leaded by Deaconess Lorena Ruas

This ministry has been dedicated to teaching children the word of God, the purpose of prayer, bringing them the true meaning of the gospel, being Pure and True, the Love of Jesus.

Agraciadas Ministry

Liderado plea Pra. Simoni de Souza e a Ob. Eliane Silveira

The purpose of this ministry is to take care of families with special children, making visits, helping families to better care when they receive a diagnosis. Assisting with doctors and spiritual ministrations.

Evangelistic Ministry

Leaded by Armond e Janaina Scipione

This ministry focuses on faithfully proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Christ; to make the sinner aware of his sins; correct with compassion; encourage with hope that man is never beyond redemption. We believe in full restoration through repentance with Christ.

Missions Ministry

Leaded by missionários Felipe, Lany e Radymila

Missions Ministry has been committed to helping needy families not only here in the United States but also in Brazil, Africa and Belarus.

Singles Ministry

Leaded by Obreiro Alvaro Silva e pela Obreira Pamela Silva

This ministry consists of advising, and better serving Singles who are in the waiting period, also helping dating and engaged couples with prophetic ministrations and counseling.

Kadosh Ministry

Leaded by Obreira Bianca Bergem

This ministry has the purpose of prophetic ministration through Adoration with dances, including children, young people and adult women.